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Om os

Chonghong Industries Ltd

At være den langsigtede pålidelige partner i at levere produkter til kunder og forbrugende markeder
Drift siden 1995.

Since 1995, Chonghong Ltd (from 2004 till now, registered as Chonghong Industries Ltd) has become one of the distributor&supplier in China and now our business range has divided into following 5 sections.

Motorcykler, reservedele og tilbehør
Sport motorcykel
Elektriske scootere
Elektriske cykler
Motocross hjelme

Industrielt udstyr
Fødevareforarbejdnings- og emballeringsudstyr
Udstyr til fremstilling af byggematerialer
Palletrucks og elektriske palletrucks, Elektriske stablere

Strøm- og elektriske kabler
Elektrisk kabel og ledning
Vandtætte LED strømforsyninger

Wire Rope & Rigging Hardware Dele
Rigging hardware
Industrielle kæder
Ståltråd reb
Specialteknisk fastgørelse

Industrielle dele og keramiske krystalmaterialer
Syntetisk safir og komponenter
Krystal siliciumcarbid substrater og dele

Over the past 20 years, we have formed four individual&experienced departments engaging in distribution of above five sections product range,under the control of ISO9001 AFNOR quality management system.

In 2002, Chonghong started business as an industrial supplier,to supply steel wire ropes for industries in marine,mining and automobile  etc.

In 2003, we expaneded our business to synthetic sapphire material parts for aeronautics, medical , space , optics , analysis , instrumentation , chemical , research , laboratories and  till now we have established a long term business relationship with some NASDAQ industry leading companies and some TOP 500 of world companies

I 2008 fortsatte vi med at udvide vores forretning til wireslynge, marine rigging hardware og link kæder til industrier

In 2018, we re-organized our company management structure and began to expanded our business to consumer markets,started with motorcycles and accessories

In2020, we expanded our business range to industrial equipment for food process construction material ,borehole detective devices

Opfylder ISO-standarden
As an ISO 9001 AFNOR-certified company, we have been in this field for more than 20 years, with the complete selection and quality conformance in products. We have rich experienced business staff providing good communication with customers. In addition, we have about 50 major partner suppliers with more than 10 years of cooperation. So bulk or mixed orders are our advantages for middle or small distributors or even retailers.