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We can suuply the competitive price, good quality, good delivery and best service
Different Material: AISI304, AISI316
We can manufacture the following sizes and as your request

US Type G209 Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, Drop Forged
US Type G210 Screw Pin Chain Shackle, Drop Forged
US Type G2130 Bolt Type Safety Anchor Shackle, Drop Forged
US Type G2150 Bolt Type Safety Chain Shackle, Drop Forged
European Type Large Bow Shackle
European Type Large Dee Shackle
JIS Type Shackle
BS3032 Large Dee Shackle
DIN82101 Shackle
Trawling Chain Shackle With Square Head Pin

شکستن جدول بار
ردیف کد A B C D WLL
mm mm mm mm لحن
CH0104-0004 4 4 8 30 0.09
CH0101-0005 5 5 10 37.5 0.1
CH0101-0006 6 6 12 45 0.15
CH0101-0008 8 8 16 60 0.25
CH0101-0010 10 10 20 75 0.5
CH0101-0012 12 12 24 90 0.6
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