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Stainless vy DIN1480 Turnbuckles

Turnbuckles have been used in aircraft construction. Historically,
biplanes might use turnbuckles to adjust the tension on structural
wires bracing their wings. Turnbuckles are also widely used on flexible
cables in flight control systems. In both cases they are secured with
lockwire or specifically designed wire clips to prevent them from
turning and losing tension due to vibration.

Code No. A B C D E WLL
  mm mm mm mm mm taonina
CH0242-0005 M5 50 90 8 4 0.05
CH0242-0006 M6 110 172 9 4 0.08
CH0242-0008 M8 110 182 10 6 0.16
CH0242-0010 M10 125 213 14 8 0.25
CH0242-0012 M12 125 238 16 10 0.4
CH0242-0016 M16 170 320 22 13 0.8
CH0242-0020 M20 200 367 24 20 1.2
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