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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Sling AISI304, AISI316 For different size

1) Wire rope rigging with sleeves, and thimble
2) Material of wire rope: AISI302, 304 or 316
We can supply various steel wire rope sling according with customer's requirement of construction,shape,length,breaking load We can produce steel wire rope sling with one soft eye or two soft eyes .
Specification of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Sling :
1.) Structure: 7X7,7X19,6*12+7FC,6X24+7FC,6*36+FC/IWRC,6X37+FC/IWRC etc
2.) Length of Product: It is according with client's requirement.
3.) Packing :The steel wire rope rigging will be pack with carton box.
And then the boxes will be packed by plywooden pallets or wooden crate before shipping.
4.)Material:stainless steel,304,316,etc
Application of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Sling :
Our wire rope sling are widely used with overhead hoists,winches ,cranes in lifting , heavy machinery, building machines, construction, military , container lock, etc. Our 80% steel wire rope slings export to America,Canada, Britain,Italy and some Asia countries. The quality and price of our products are competitive on the overseas market, and our steel wire rope slings are mature to sell to clients from different markets. If you are interesting of our wire rope rigging products,please feel free to contact with us.

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