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Chonghong Industries Ltd. have specialised in supplying multi stranded galvanised steel wire rope since 1989. We stock from 0.5mm up to 64mm in various constructions including 1X19, 7X7, 6X19, 7X19, 6X36, 8X19, 8X36, 19X7 and 35X7 with both Fibre Core and Steel Cores. In addition to these conventional steel wire ropes we can offer special wire ropes from high quality manufacturers.

Most wire ropes operate in demanding conditions and must resist crushing, bending fatigue and abrasion. We recognise that it is vital that all of our wire ropes need to perform to the highest levels to maximise service life therefore increasing productivity for the end user. With our technical experience we have worked hard with our partners to ensure that all material is manufactured to the very best standards in the steel wire rope industry.

Each steel wire rope can be supplied fully assembled complete with end terminals such as a thimble eyes, swaged ends and wedge sockets as well as many other solutions. These cable assemblies are manufactured in house by our team of engineers complete to your specifications.

All material is certified and has full traceability in line with our ISO9001 procedures.

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