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چونګ هونګ انډسټریز لمیټډ بینر

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د هارډویر درول

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د پیرودلو کټ کولو وسیله

د پورته کولو وسایل او لوازم

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د موټر پرزو او موټرسایکل لوازمو


طبي وسایل

250cc two-wheeled off-road motorcycle

ډول two-wheeled off-road motorcycle
Engine Zongshen 250CC single cylinder, air cooled, four stroke
بې ځایه کیدل 250 سي سي
Appearance color سپین
L × W × H (2050×840×1180)mm
خالص وزن 105KG
Direction handle width 830mm
Sitting height 910mm
Minimum distance from the ground 340mm
Wheel specifications front 1.60×21/rear 2.15×18
Tire specifications front 80/100-21/ rear 110/100-18
Fuel consumption Economical fuel consumption (L/100km): 2.0-2.5
د تیلو ټانکر 12L
د چوکاټ  High-strength square steel tube frame: double-beam cradle integrated
Shock absorption front fork / rear Yao Yong
Transmission system five-speed international gear, hand clutch, chain drive
Control system front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Electrical instrumentation equipment 12V power supply, CDI ignition
Directional device Aluminum compression steering wheel
لوري  high quality aluminum handle
د تیلو ټانکر original fuel tank plastic
د بیټرۍ Original assembly 12V7A battery
پیل پیل electric foot starting
بسته Complete vehicle iron frame packaging
د بارولو جدول ماتول

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