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18x19 + FC 19X7 35X7
පැටවීමේ වගුව බිඳීම

Steel wire ropes consist of very few components but each of those vary in their specific properties so a very large number of different wire ropes can be made for specific purposes.
the three basic components are:
Wire-the basic component of the wire rope.Wires are manufactured from different materials,in different diameters,grades and finishes.
Strand-consists of a number of wires stranded helically in one layer or more around a center wire(king wire).Strands are manufactured in muany different constructions. They can be laid in right or left direction,parallel or cross lay.
Core-the core can be made of fiber or from steel wires.Some wire rope constructions do not have a core at all.
Wire rope-consisits of a number of strands,normally 6 or 8,laid helically around the core.Single layer ropes consists only of one layer of strands. Roatation-resistant ropes have two layers or more.

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