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Straight Ruby Ball Styli (MW-M2-8-S11-11)


Straight Styli is the simplest form of stylus,highly spherical industrial ruby balls and a choice of stem material.
Ruby is an extremely hard material and high anti-wear,light weight,keeping tip mass to a minimum, which avoids unwanted probe triggers caused by machine motion or vibration.
Ruby ball is mounted on stems made from a range of materials - stainless steel, tungsten carbide, ceramic, and a specialized carbon fiber material, which is suitable for most inspection applications.
The size of the ball and the EWL of the stylus chosen are dictated by the size of the feature to be inspected. However, keeping the stylus ball as large as possible and the stem as short as possible will ensure maximum ball/stem clearance, whilst providing a greater yet still rigid EWL. Using larger ruby balls also reduces the effect of the surface finish of the component being inspected.

P/N No:MW-M2-8-S11-11
Type:Straight Stylus
Ball Dia   (mm):8
Ruby Ball Grade:Grade 5,Grade10,25
Ball Material:Ruby 
Stem Dia:d2.5SS

Straight Ruby Ball Styli (MW-M2-8-S11-11)

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