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Transverse Watertight Composite Cable

4-electrical and 6-optical Transverse Watertight Composite Cable Spec.

1. Structure diagram

Transverse Watertight Composite Cable

2. Type: RTFK-6 6×1.3+4B1.3

3. Cable design

1. Power cable
1.1 Conductor: use stranded copper wire7×0.48.
1.2 Insulation: special high temperature resistant material, heat resistance≥125℃ nominal outer diameter :3.1mm.

2. Optical unit (4-core) optical fiber: single-module G652, 4-core, steel tube 1.5mm+Sheathnominal outer diameter 3.1mm.
Cabling: refer to the figure, wrapping aluminum plastic composite belt, nominal outer diameter :9.5mm.

3. Inner sheath: polyurethane, nominal thickness: 1.2mm, nominal outer diameter :11.9mm.

4. Reinforced layer: reinforce by aramid knitted, nominal outer diameter: 13.1mm.

5. Outer sheath: foam TPE, nominal outer diameter :22.5mm.


• Main applications

This cable is used for power supply and signal transmission of underwater equipment in the ocean.


• Working condition
1. Working ambient temperature: -20℃~+70℃;
2. The minimum allowable bending radius for installation is 10 times of the cable outer diameter;


• Technical performance

Electrical performance

Working voltage


Conductor DC resistance (signle-wire) (Ω/km)(+20℃)


Insulation resistance (MΩ·km) (DC500V)


Insulation electrical strength between wires (DC 9000V, 2min)

No breakdown


Optical unit performance

Optical attenuation (dB/km)



Mechanical, physical and environmental performance


Breaking force: ≥40kN


Density: ≤ 0.994g/cm3 calculated value

Breaking Load Table

Transverse Watertight Composite Cable


Transverse Watertight Composite Cable

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